Sophie Trade Co. is a professional, UK-based company providing British Brands a simple, zero risk approach to selling goods to consumers in Mainland China.

Showcasing British Brands in China

Our services showcase and publicise British branded goods through Mainland Chinese social media platforms such as QQ, Weibo and WeChat. We then make the goods available for purchase in Yuan. Firstly on Taobao, Mainland China’s largest e-commerce platform through our Taobao store, secondly on WeChat, China’s rising mobile-based e-commerce platform using our WeChat shop, and soon, here in our own online shop too. We go on to take care of shipping and support services to make purchases effortless for customers in Mainland China in CNY and ensure your business gets paid in GBP.

Understanding the Market

It’s important to understand the social networking and e-commerce landscapes operate very differently in China. Consumers have a different way of digesting media, interacting with brands and even paying for goods. Businesses may wish to view our:

When social posts can be seen by millions, as opposed to hundreds, the potential for any business is huge.

Success in China

Making a British Brand successful in China is more than just translating an existing business model and hoping for the best. It’s key to understand and furthermore embrace the Chinese way of doing things. Which is why some brands can struggle when trying to target a Chinese market, and understanding Chinese consumer needs is what we do.


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Just submit your wholesale prices and payment terms to the Sophie trading team via email ( Or alternatively, fill out the contact form below and one of our team members will be in touch shortly to setup your account.


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